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  • How do I sign up for a class?
    You can register on the website for most classes and workshops. A few have restrictions that require you to call or email the studio to register, so we can confirm that you are qualified before you reserve your spot.
  • Can I sign up a friend when I register?
    If a class or workshop allows you to register multiple people at once, it will have a section where you can select the number of people you wish to register for.
  • Is there an age requirement?
    Most classes and workshops have an age requirement of 16+ Some classes and workshops allow younger students, such as Monsters with James DeRosso and some seasonal workshops. Some have an 18+ restriction, such as Date Nights, which will be indicated in the class or workshop's description.
  • If I miss a class during the session, what is the process for making up the time?
    You can talk with your instructor about specifics and reserve/schedule more time to work on those techniques in the studio during the week.
  • Is there a waiting or interest list for classes? How do I get on the list?
    Yes, we have an interest list. You can sign up for the interest list by filling out the form at the bottom of the Classes and Workshops page. Once you are on this list, we will contact you when the next session or workshop registration opens.
  • When does registration open?
    Registration usually opens 2-3 weeks before the next class session begins. Here are the session dates for 2024 Full Sessions: Session 1: Jan 8 - Mar 1 Session 2: Mar 4 - Apr 26 Session 3: May 6 - Jun 28 Abbreviated Session: Special Topics Session 4: Jul 8 - Jul 26 Full Sessions: Session 5: Aug 5 - Sept 27 Session 6: Sept 30 - Nov 22 Abbreviated Session: Special Topics Session 7: Dec 2 - Dec 20
  • Do you do drop in visits and activities?
    The services we offer are more complex and require some instruction or previous knowledge, so they are not conducive to drop-in activities. If you're looking for a way to dip your toes into the clay world, we reccomend a workshop! We have many workshops that are perfect for first timers and people returning to clay after a long time away.
  • What kind of Memberships do you have?
    Please visit our Membership page for more information about memberships, requirements, and pricing.
  • Do you have private studio space to rent?
    Yes, but we are currently at full capacity. If you are interested in getting onto a waiting list for a private studio space, please call or email the studio.
  • If I have a Firing Membership, can I use my own clay that I purchase somewhere else?
    We are a Cone-10 firing facility. All clay intended to be fired at Clay Space must be purchased through Clay Space to keep members and the studio safe.
  • Do you take cash and credit?
    Yes, we take credit cards and PayPal when purchasing on the website. We take credit cards or cash when purchasing in person.
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes, please email, call, or visit the studio to order gift cards!
  • Do you have student discounts or scholarship programs?
    Not at this time, although we are looking to add student discounts and potential scholarships in the future.
  • Do you take donations?
    Typically, no. Please email the office with a brief description and we will reply to your offer.
  • What are your COVID policies?
    Please see here for our up-to-date COVID policies.
  • Can I bring pets inside?
    Only service animals are allowed in the studio.
  • I'm looking to have someone make something customized.
    Please see the Instructors & Artists page on our website and contact the artist you are interested in directly.
  • Can I fire a few pieces I've had at my house for a few years?
    If you are not a member, we do not do outside firing of single pieces. You may be able to contact Georgie's Ceramic and Clay Co. to resolve your question.
  • I'm looking for help on fixing a ceramics piece that chipped or broke.
    We do not offer repair services at Clay Space. You may be able to contact Georgie's Ceramic and Clay Co. to resolve your question.
  • Do you sell Kilns, clay only, or anything retail related?
    We do not sell retail ceramics supply products. You may be able to contact Georgie's Ceramic and Clay Co. to resolve your question.
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